Anas took $100,000 bribe – Ken Agyapong to reveal video


Lawmaker Kennedy Agyapong has vowed to reveal an earth-shattering video of investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas confessing to taking $100,000 bribes and bribing a state prosecutor to present a weak case.
In his most daring claim yet on the controversial journalist, MP for Assin Central Constituency in the Central Region, swore that if he doesn’t present the evidence of Anas confessing to taking bribes God should kill him instantly.
This clearly shows that Agyapong is overly convinced that he has the video to back his recent claims that Anas, who claims he is fighting corruption, is more corrupt than his victims.
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Anas has gained fame for his investigations but has recently come under fire over the tactics he uses against his victim while corruption allegations against him swell.
“I will show Anas confessing to a state Attorney that he has taken $100,000 bribe, if I don’t show may the living God kill me,” Kennedy Agyapong told FOX FM.
“Let Anas premiere his (investigative video on the June 6), I will also premiere my video titled “ WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMAN, so he he should be ready.
“I will fight till my last breath to prove to the whole world that Anas is corrupt. He is extortionist, a blackmailer and hardened a criminal. He is also evil and I will prove my point, I have my evidences that which I’ve gathered. The evil that men do lives after them,” he added.
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According to the outspoken honourable, Anas who has hinted that his latest work involves corrupt the practices in Ghana football, is a wicked and evil journalist who uses diabolical means to extort money from people after using entrapment to get them in his web
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