Another security officer has been captured on video assaulting a helpless woman Read


Barely 24 hours after Ghana Policeman officer was captured on video assaulting a helpless woman at Midland Savings and Loans, another video of a security officer in a similar brutality has popped up.
The video, which is gaining momentum on various social media platforms is causing another anger among Ghanaians.
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The assault video, believed to have been recorded at the Papaye branch, at Abeka-Papaz captures an unidentified security officer in brutal display of power.
Though we cannot confirm the offense of the helpless woman, the security officer was captured subjecting her to severe beatings in public without the slightest fear.
The angry security officer, whose company is not immediately known was also seen on video ignoring all attempts by onlookers to discourage him from brutalizing the woman.
Watch video below :