Man peeps at his bathing fiancee in unusual pre-wedding photos


Pre-wedding photo shoot is the latest trend in town among couples who plan to get married.

We simply cannot help admiring beautiful couples when we see them. And when they step out looking all gorgeous and sassy, they will make you drool and wish to be them. Some people see love birds as being lucky when they find partners that will bring out the glow in them.

As hectic as the preparations for a wedding could be, couples look forward to the part where they take pictures and showcase their love for each other.

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Every couple you see has some epic idea that will make every other wedding look funny. They simply want to be outstanding and unique with everything that has to do with the wedding.

These days, couples are getting very creative with their pre-wedding shoots.

A couple’s pre-wedding photo shoot saw them try to think out of the box and they ended up with some photos that has got social media users talking.

The groom-to-be is seen in some of the photos peeping at his fiancee as she had her bath in a local bathroom.

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See photos below:

Pre wedding photos

IMG 20180924 140612

IMG 20180924 140556

Pre wedding photos

IMG 20180924 140650 1

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