Lydia Forson’s friends act as armed robbers to surprise her on her birthday


AtinkaNews has sighted a video of how friends of Lydia Forson pretended to be armed robbers in order to surprise her on her birthday.

Yesterday October 24 was the 34th birthday of actress Lydia Forson, as everyone, she was expecting to received lots of birthday wishes from friends and loved ones as she celebrated her big day.

Some friends of the actress who chose to surprise her first yesterday made her tremble in fear, when they pretended to be armed-robbers, who had come to attack her.

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In the video, they knocked on the door of Lydia Forson and as soon as she opened the door they switched off the light and tried to ‘attack’ her.

The actress out of fear was heard shouting “Jesus, Jesus”, coiled herself in the corner of her room,

After scaring her and getting her to scream for some few seconds, they reveal their real plan and start singing her a ‘Happy Birthday’ song

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It was fun at the end of it all, as they gave her her first birthday cake in the morning after getting her to nearly pee on herself in that tight corner.

Watch the video below

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