Moesha Boduong used in scamming an American… revealed on Vivica Fox’s show


Moesha Boduong

Moesha Boduong has gone international again! Her image was used to catfish an American man, as revealed on Daytime TV.

This was revealed on an episode of Face The Truth  hosted and produced by Vivica A. Fox.

Lee and Chelsey think Robert needs a serious wakeup call and he needs to stop sending his money to a woman in Ghana. Lee took Robert to the airport so he could “meet” his Ghanaian “girlfriend.” Lee shares that they waited for her to arrive for two hours, but she never showed up.

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The images of the Alanna, the woman in Ghana were those of Moesha Boduong, and it was later revealed on the show that it was a catfish using these images to scam Robert out of his money.

Each episode of “Face the Truth” features real people with real problems — both large and small — and nothing is off the conversation table.

The hosts search for solutions, and the panel offers its opinion on things which include dating and relationships, bad habits, parenting advice and everything in between. At-home audiences and those in the studio can weigh in with their thoughts and vote for who is right and who is wrong.

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“Face the Truth” is hosted by Vivica A. Fox and her panel of experts, including attorney Areva Martin, clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho, Judge Mary Chrzanowski, and life coach Rosei Mercad

Watch video below :

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