A Ghanaian ‘game boy’ has been nabbed by a white woman he defrauded years ago.
A video trending on social media shows two Ghanaian guy being busted by the Police.

Apparently the guy, identified as Solomon Attah has been defrauding one white woman for years.

Having succeeded in duping the woman an amount of €20,000, he did cut ties with his victim.

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The woman with the help of another Whiteman believed to be her new boyfriend contacted Ghana Police to help nab the fraudster.

The Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service teamed up with the victim and her guy to tracked down the fraudster.

They finally managed to get him with a ‘surprise visit’

On reaching his hide out, the fraudster and his friend tried to escape but their effort proved futile.

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From the video, one could hear the fraudster saying he’ll sell a car packed in his compound to settle half of the sum he got from defrauding the woman

Watch the video below :

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