Most Ghanaian pastors drink ‘akpeteshie’ before mounting the pulpit – Ohemaa Mercy reveals


Sensational Ghanaian gospel musician, Ohemaa Mercy has given a damning verdict about most Ghanaian pastors revealing they are drunkards who are not ashamed of drinking themselves to stupor.

She cited instances where she encountered some of them reeking with alcohol which gave her a whole perception about most of the so-called Men of God behind the pulpit claiming they are winning souls for Christ.

Ohemaa Mercy 

In an interview on Accra Fm,  she observed that there are a lot of Churches but not all imbibe in their members the true teachings of Jesus Christ calling on suspecting Christians to be wary of such pastors.

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The professional teacher now into full ministry said: “I am telling you that the churches are there but not all will enable you to bear the fruits to the glory of God”.

According to her, she is scared getting closer to some pastors she refused to name in view of their conduct which is not in tune with the teachings of the gospel.

“I am scared getting closer to some pastors. We gospel musicians deal with the pastors most of the time and some drink. If you the pastor drinks, who am I a choir or worship leader or church elder not to drink because the person sees nothing wrong with it” she observe

Asked by the host if he has ever seen a pastor taking in alcohol or drunk she responded in the affirmative and explained “I have seen a lot of them. I remember I sat by one in a plane and I was so shocked…seriously”.

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