Wendy Shay wants to leave rufftown records


Wendy Shay’s Instagram post suggesting that “she is likely to part ways with Bullet’s rufftown record label should another record label put on the table a whopping $500,000 and a car of her choice turns out to be a PR gimmick after all.

Her post read,“$500,000 and any car of my choice to leave RuffTown Records? Hmmm”.

This post we described as PR Gimmick since Ghanaians are fed up with their framed up s*x scandal stories.

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After the post went viral on social media, many websites and bloggers deemed that it was a PR Gimmick since they recently released a framed up s*x scandal stories to help promote their music.

Well, it seems most of us guessed right as her latest post is clear evidence that her previous post was to get the attention of Ghanaians probably to hype a yet-to-be-released song.

The “uber driver ” hitmaker in her recent Instagram post revealed that she is not leaving Rufftown record label neither today, tomorrow nor the day after.

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Wendy Shay in her recent Instagram post said, “Rufftown to the world!!! Loyalty is royalty”. Looks like her posts have been programmed just to draw attention to herself.

Wendy Shay wrote: “Rufftown to the world!!! Loyalty is royalty”.


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