Baby Jet Airways to start operation in February


Asamoah Gyan’s new company, Baby Jet Airlines is expected to start operations in February, according to a report on

The site reports that, although Gyan had secured license in 2018 he couldn’t obtain an Air operator certificate to start work.

Asamoah Gyan
Asamoah Gyan

Baby Jet Airlines might not have convinced authorities enough in the areas of business operation manuals, aircraft acquisition, crew and management information but now it is clear to run.

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This year, we are looking at new operational areas that will bring in more customers or tourists, so, we are linking more of our projects with the tourist centres,” adding that, “apart from Passion Air, we also have Unity Air now operating, and we are expecting Baby Jet Airlines, which will be on stream by next month, and we have others also going through the processes, so, at least, we should have about five by close of the year,” Deputy Minister of Aviation

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