My daughter is not 17 years old, and I did not force her into acting- Maame Yaa Jackson’s father


Renowned Kumawood filmmaker, Jackson K Bentum, has publicly spoken about his daughter, Yaa Jackson, over her social media lifestyle and the backlash she keeps receiving.

Father of teen actress and musician, Yaa Jackson in an interview with Andy Dosty has shared certain things about his daughter.

According to Mr Jackson, he wonders the type of heart his daughter is having because he finds her to be very strong considering how she has been handling her fame and the myriad of criticisms.

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Reacting to reports that Yaa Jackson has mentioned that he forced her into acting, Mr Bentum has said that it’s not true and because his daughter is a kid, she might have said that out of interview pressure.

Yaa Jackson’s father also took the opportunity to disclose his daughters’ real age as 19 years and not 17 yearsas widely reported.

Mr. Jackson also in the interview defended her daughter saying that some of the stories published about her in the media are not true as some come from a fake Facebook page, that some bloggers feed on.

He said they have reported the page to Facebook countless times but that hasn’t yielded any result yet.

However, Yaa’s father says that all the fuss about his daughter is part of the showbiz game and he understands how it works, therefore, he is not extremely bothered nor surprised on how his daughter is being unfortunately characterized.

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