Gifty Anti flaunts daughter as she happily marks her birthday


Gifty Anti has described her daughter, Nyame Aninuonyam as the greatest gift her life has ever given her.

Anti’s love for her daughter is so great that on her own birthday, she still can’t stop flaunting her and showing off how proud she is of her baby girl.

And it’s completely understandable. Anti had to go through so much mockery as the years went by for her and she hadn’t conceived.

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However, the magic finally happened for her in 2017, a few years after tying the knot with her husband Nana Ansah Kwao IV.

Since then she has remained ever proud of her daughter and as she marks her birthday today, the television personality still can’t help but gush over her.

She shared the most adorable photo of the two of them and added the caption: “When it’s your birthday and you already have the best gift!!!”

Happy birthday to Gifty Anti! And indeed, she already has the best gift.

Just look at the two of them in the photo below and see if you can disagree.