Instagram personality warns men without cars to stay away from her


For many ladies, it takes a lot of heartbreaks and growth to realise what they really want from a man and for some, they know their worth and instantly recognise what they want from their man.

Instagram model Oheema Glory has, however, caused a stir on social media after explicitly stating that all she needs from her man is for him to own a car. In her post, she shared stunning photos of herself, flaunting her banging body and warned ‘carless’ men to steer clear.

Ohemaa Glory

While some complimented her photo and admitted that she has a beautiful body, a lot of Twitter users fired at her for being materialistic and focused on worldly possessions. The beauty, however, did not seem to care as she already made up her mind. After all, all that massive load at her backside needs a nice car to seat in.

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Some went as far as calling her a gold digger but it is refreshing when a woman knows what she wants.

Meet the beautiful woman who want only car owners to talk to her:

Her tweet quickly got lots of attention with people retweeting and slamming her for being materialistic. Here’s how people reacted to her statement below:

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