John Dumelo mocks Yvonne Nelson for being abandoned by NPP


In the build-up to the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Ghana and at the height or peak of the power challenges in Ghana popularly known as ‘Dumsor‘, a Ghanaian celebrity stood up and organized a vigil to force the government to find solutions to that particular menace.

Popular Ghanaian actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson was that one person who organized the mammoth but peaceful vigil against the NDC government at that time to solve the issue.

Many people perhaps thought at that time Yvonne had been paid by the then opposition party NPP to do that.

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Yvonne has appeared on a TV programme and has flatly denied ever being paid by any political party before she embarked on that vigil.

She appeared on the TV show with her bosom friend John Dumelo who is a staunch member of the NDC and was at that time very much opposed to the vigil.

John Dumelo mocked Yvonne throughout the show when she admitted she has been jilted, neglected and abandoned by the NPP when they came to power.

Looks like John wants Yvonne to come to his party because even in opposition he still enjoys from his party big wigs.

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