Lady allegedly runs mad after she was dropped from a Toyota camry


Stories about young ladies who became mentally unstable after alighting from a car have been reported on social media. People are of the opinion that any lady this happens to might have been used for ritual purposes by the man she went out with.

In line with this thought, an incident recently happened in a remote environment in Nigeria which is setting many people at ill ease.

A young lady allegedly ran mad in Ughelli, Delta State yesterday after she was dropped from a Toyota Camry.

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According to a Facebook user, who claimed the young lady must have been used for some money ritual, he wrote; “It happen in ughelli dis morning……. She run mad immediately she was drop by a toyota camery. Pls girl be warned the street is not friendly”

Watching one of the videos, the girl could be seen pinned down by some passersby. They were also seen loosening her hair as she sat on the ground.

Watch the videos below :

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