Female Cuban doctor in trouble as her wild tw£rk video goes viral


A female Cuban doctor was admonished after being c@ught on tape tw£rking at a club.

Although the doctor was having a night out during off hours, the administration did not take the matter lightly.

The doctor identified as Melody Charmyrian treated revelers at the Hola City pub, Tana River County to a taste of the Cuban culture by way of dance.

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Ms Charmyrian, who is a family doctor, took to the dance floor to prove that she was not just good at medicine alone.

It started with a d@ring pose, then a beautiful smile, a shak£ here and a step there.

However, sources at the department of health told Nairobi News that the hospital administration scolded her for the dance.

The doctors are in the country as part of a deal signed between Kenya and Cuba for the deployment of 100 specialist doctors.

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According to the government, the main idea in bringing these specialists for Kenya doctors to learn from the Cuban experience in building a robust primary and curative health care system.

Here is the video courtesy of Nairobi News:


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