Residents serve dirty water to politicians after they failed to provide potable water


Residents of Marsabit county on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, left Kenyans in stitches after they decided to give politicians a taste of their own medicine.

The enraged local who attended a scheduled meeting with their leaders, served muddy drinking water as refreshment.

The dignitaries who were comfortably seated on plastic chairs, had their bottled muddy water carefully placed on the ground.

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The residents were angered that their leaders had failed to come up with a solution to their perennial water problem. The move was made to protest a decision by county officials to prioritize formation of a municipality board instead of giving them access to clean water.

As if not completely shocked by the calculated and clever form of revenge, the leaders looked at each other and chatted away as they hoped their agenda would be considered.

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Apparently, whatever they use for cooking, drinking and cleaning is contaminated and completely unfit for human consumption.

Sadly, that problem has never been tackled and this was a rare chance to give the leaders a practical view of the kind of life the residents live.

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