Saudi plane turns around after mother forgets baby at airport


A young mother on a flight from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia reportedly had the shock of her life when she realised she had accidentally left her baby behind in the airport terminal.

According to Gulf News, despite being naturally connected to a baby as a mother, the unidentified woman boarded the Saudi Arabian Airlines flight without a worry in the world.

She only realised she had left her baby at the departure waiting hall after the aircraft had taken off from the airport.

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A video of the pilot requesting Air Traffic Control in Arabic and English for permission to return has gone viral on social media.

“May God be with us. Can we come back or what?” he is heard asking.

One of the surprised controllers can then be heard telling a colleague: “This flight is requesting to come back…a passenger forgot her baby in the waiting area, the poor thing.”

He then adds: “OK, head back to the gate. This is totally a new one for us!”

The story ended happily, with the mother and baby reunited.

The circumstances that led to her forgetting the baby are not known, but it would not be the first high-profile story of a parent unwittingly leaving a child behind.

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