Mate who survived in the Kintampo VVIP bus road accident speaks


More than 50 passengers have died following the collision of two buses  near Kintampo in the early hours of Friday, March 22, 2019.

As earlier reported by  56 died following the collision of two buses in the early hours of Friday, March 22, 2019 on the Tamale-Kintampo Highway.

Strangely, the mate who was reportedly sitting by the dashboard of the bus miraculously survived the accident that claimed over 50 lives.

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Speaking for the first time after the fatal accident on Kofi TV,  He reveals that even though he has been a mate for four years that was his first time of travelling with that particular driver.

According to the mate, Akorsah Kwabena Christian, they loaded from Accra Circle at 4 pm en route to Tamale. They passed through Kumasi to pick some of the passengers and continued the journey to the Northern part of Ghana.

And when they got to Techiman, he moved from where he was originally sitting to a very closer area(around the Gearbox) to where his master, the driver was.

He told Kofi Adomah Nwanwanii that the Grand Bird bus with registration number GT 5694-18 which was from Garu to Accra was on a top speed.The mate added, even though, that bus was not doing any overtaking nor had a car in front of it, it was still steering to their lane.

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He reveals that the bus veered off its course and ran into their vehicle, an impact that changed the direction of their vehicle to face the opposite direction creating the impression that they were rather Accra bound.

Akorsah said he didn’t hear any noise or even a cry but later found himself outside the bus and that was when he heard people crying for help— and also saw the bus in flames.

He went to search for his master, the driver, and he was already gone—with his h£ad and left hand cut 0ff.

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