Pamela Odame blasts Ola Micheal; says he’s stup!d and a f00l


Big Breasted Model and video vixen, Pamela Odame Watara,has hit hard at the Peace Fm’s panelist Ola Micheal after he exp0sed her of not attending Wisconsin university.

A few weeks ago, Pamela in her interviews claimed that she’s student of one of the earliest established private universities in Ghana, Wisconsin International University College.

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After checks by a panel member, Ola Michael revealed that Pamela had lied about being a student of Wisconsin.

It got heated to a point Pamela said she cannot continue the interview anymore which at that point it was clear, the shame was too much for her to contain.

Pamela who was at the studios of Rainbow radio with Nayas to promote their upcoming movie took the opportunity to react to Ola’s humiliation she put her through a few weeks ago.

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She said; “Wisconsin is not heaven, and I know a lot of people who have completed Legon university that I am even better than them. So if I have not completed Wisconsin or even if do not attend Wisconsin, it is not heaven.”

“That short guy at Peace FM called Ola claimed I do not attend the school. That dwarf, if not for anybody at all, I have really ‘mean’ that guy, the dwarf, that short guy. He looked at my face, fingers and told me I looked like a p0n0 star, was it his mother or father he was talking to. There are so many people at Peace FM but he is the one I want to reply.”

Watch the video below :

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