Strange video of man washing his feet and face on the heads of people drop


A video of a man doing strange things to a group of people has surfaced on social media. And, what is more strange about this video is the fact the people seemed like they were willing to allow what was going on.

In the video, the man sitting on the tip of the chair was seen washing his feet and face over the heads of willing participants.

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It could be seen that the people who came to see the man were excited to be in his presence as they all scrambled to get in line and meet him.

Once they reach his front, they all go on their knees and bend their heads for the man to wash his feet and face over their heads.

The video also showed someone on the man’s side giving him the bowl of water as he puts one foot on the head of each participant and also washes his head.

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Though this scene looks strange, it looks like a scene that is not uncommon among religious organisations in Africa. However, this video does not reveal much about the man and the group.

Watch the video below :

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