Lady shares disturbing video, warns Africans going to Kuwait to seek employment


A Nigerian lady shared a very disturbing post on Twitter. The lady named Iheanyi M. on the mini blogging platform warned Africans to stay away from seeking employment in Kuwait.

Iheanyi M. made this statement on her Twitter page. She clearly told Nigerians not to seek employment in the country located in Western Asia.

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To buttress her point, she shared a video which was very disturbing. The clip showed a man, supposedly African, who was tied to a chair with clothes stiffening his mouth. This was not the worst part.


He was brutally being tortured by a man who seemed to be enjoying the act of punishing him for an unknown reason. With a rubber in hand, this said individual lynched the tied up African badly.

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In the long run, the chair was pushed from its position till it landed straight on the floor. See the post below:

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