Meet Prakriti Malla, the student with the most beautiful handwriting in the world


A 14-year-old  female student has gained widespread praise and recognition for being a master of a dying art – amazing handwriting skills.

In a post that recently resurfaced on social media, social media users have celebrated Prakriti Malla, after a photo of her handwriting made its way to the online community.

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A Twitter user identified as Ahmed shared a tweet in which he revealed that Malla, who is a class 8 student that hails from Nepal, was given recognition for having the best handwriting in the world.

The handwriting of Prakriti malla, the class VIII student from Nepal, has been recognized as the best ever handwriting in world.” he said. See screenshot of his tweet below:

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Thousands of netizens have shared her work, with some suggesting that Microsoft adopt Malla’s handwriting as an official font in their products. One person tweeted: “Reminds me of my father’s writing, he left school at 13, would have been 101 now. That’s the way kids were taught to write once upon a time.”

Others, however, held the opinion that even if Malla’s handwriting was truly good looking, it could not possibly be the best in the world.

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