Fella Makafui teases Efia Odo for allegedly chopping Junior US for $2000


Burgeoning Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Fella Makafui has taken to social media to throw a subtle jab at her longtime “enemy”, Efia Odo.

In a latest post on social media, Fella Makafui told Efia Odo to do unto others as she now wants others to do unto her. This was a direct reply to Efia Odo for accusing her of sleeping with men for money.

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Fella Makafui mocks Efia Odo for allegedly chopping Junior US for 2000


According to the “YOLO” actress, Efia Odo hasn’t seen anything yet there’s progressively earth about her which would before long be presented to people in general.

Fella Makafui posted:

“do unto others what as would have them do unto you”. Fella Makafui went further: “the whole world will know the real u … you no see anything yet”.

Fella Makafui teases Efia Odo for allegedly chopping Junior US for 2000

Actress Fella Makafui didn’t mentioned any body’s names but both of their fans who have followed their feud for a long time realized straight away that it was Efia Odo’s shade.

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It all started when Shatta Wale in a live video with Efia Odo on Instagram, disclosed Junior, his murdered friend who got Showboy jailed, was the ex-boyfriend of Efia Odo.

Efia Odo denied the statement right there and even later shared a video denying the allegation but Ghanaians still doubt she is telling the truth.

However, Archipalago, who is also Shatta Wale’s friend, has revealed that Efia Odo indeed had an affair with the late Junior US.

Surprisingly, Efia Odo has vanished from Instagram after a comment made by a social media commentator, Archipalago.

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