One of the ladies who were filmed buying Mama Gee’s husband snatching charms is a nursing trainee


It appears social media users are relentless in exposing all the women who were captured in Mama Gee’s video queued to buy the men charm herbal juju from Mama Gee.

It has come to light that one of the first ladies whose pictures went viral after Mama Gee was arrested, Nana Abena Hertie is actually a nursing trainee.

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Photo of nursing trainee who buys mama Gee's charm
Nana Abena Hertie

From information obtained by Ghpage. Nana Abena Hertie is in her final year in one of the popular Nursing Training schools in Ghana.

The new revelation has shocked many people considering the higher pedigree medical fraternity is held high not just in Ghan but all over the world when it comes to the use of concoctions.

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For such person to willing accept a jump up not to drink the charm but insert it in her womanhood to just get a man to stick with her, be loyal and obedient to her has shocked many people.

But in any case, the nursing occupation is just like any other with bad nuts amongst them so you can’t confidently blame the occupation but her solely.

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Imagine having an emergency situation and you have been rushed to the hospital and Nana Abena Hertie is the person on duty at the hospital at that moment? God be with us all.