Christian Council reacts to prophet Badu Kobi’s ethnocentric comments


The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) has finally reacted to Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi.

The Leader and founder of the Glorious Wave Ministries International Church recently made tribal comments about Ewe women, Asante women and Fante women.
According to him, Fante women are sometimes foolish and Ewe women are ‘doormats’.

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Prophet Badu described Asante women as greedy, opportunists and unsuitable for marriage.

Badu Kobi has been under heavy criticisms after making the aforementioned comments.

However, the Christian Council of Ghana has expressed their displeasure at the ethnocentric comments made by Prophet Badu Kobi about women from some ethnic groups.

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In a statement signed by the General Secretary of CCG, Rev. Dr Cyril Fayose read:

The Christian Council of Ghana wishes to state to the general public that such comments amount to gender discrimination and tribal division and should not be entertained in the country. We, therefore, wish to condemn those statements in no uncertain terms and affirm that such statements do not represent the views of Christianity and the Church in Ghana.”

“The Council wishes to state that all stakeholders must work hard to preserve our national cohesion and identity as one people, our rich diversity should be harnessed for the development of our nation and not to be used as a tool for division. The CCG wishes to appeal to pastors in the nation to use their pulpits to unite Ghanaians and not divide us on tribal, gender or religious lines. Ghana is one united nation that should be bonded in love and peace.

“We, therefore, wish to reiterate our condemnation of the statement by Prophet Badu Kobi, including any statement that divides our nation on tribal, political, religious or gender lines.”

The CCG further emphasised: “The tribal and gender comments made by Emmanuel Badu Kobi of the Glorious Wave Church International during a church sermon in his church in which he ascribed certain negative traits to women of certain tribes in the nation are unfortunate.”

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The General Secretary of CCG in an interview on Class Fm stated that the ‘move’ by Badu Kobi was wrong and that he will not urge anyone to take the law into their own hands and behave in any untoward manner.

According to him, such statements have the tendency not only to disturb the peaceful coexistence being enjoyed by Ghanaians currently but also to cause more damage to society.

He advised Prophet Kobi to do the needful by apologizing to Ghanaians especially women from the tribes he attacked.


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