Presby Church rejected my National Service posting because of my hairstyle – KiDi


KiDi has disclosed that the Presbyterian Church rejected his National Service posting after he was posted there because of his hairstyle.

In an interview with Franky 5 on ‘This Is Gospel’ on Hitz FM, he revealed that staff of the Church turned him away when he went to complete his registration.

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“It was the Presbyterian Headquarters…I didn’t choose it…That was my first posting. I remember that day walking into that building and those guys rejected me. They were like, ‘no you don’t look like you were supposed to work here. Are you sure they posted you here? Go back’,” he recounted.

According to KiDi, the staff of the Church refused to allow him to work in the organization because of his hairstyle.

“I was wearing a nice shirt. I dressed like I was going to somebody’s job. They said my hair. They just looked at me and judged that I cannot work there,” he said.

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The singer added that he went to the National Service Secretariat for reposting after the bitter rejection.

“The second posting is where I got, NSS Headquarters. I felt really bad. It was really sad for me. Why would you just look at somebody and judge them?” KiDi said.

He was, however, happy that his National Service posting to the Presbyterian Headquarters was unsuccessful because he could not have worked with people who that judgmental.

KiDi is also disturbed that Christians preach love but easily drive away people from the Church with their own actions.

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