Chief publicly flogged Slay Queen & her lover in viral Temale At0pa Tape


After going on social media to brag that they do not care about their viral atopa tape, Tamale Slay Queen, Kulu, and her lover have received the worse humiliation of their lives.

Naa Bawa Fuseini, the Dakpema of Tamale has given the two lovers the lashing of their lives. The couple received 12 strokes each at his palace yesterday.

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Again, they are to provide two rams and some fouls as a sacrifice to cleanse the land of what Dakpema of Tamale described as “sacrilege act”

This comes just a few days after the uncles of Kulu seized her, shaved off her hair and gave her some slaps to “put some sense into her” as soon as she sent a new video encouraging people to continue sharing the video.

Justifying his action, Naa Bawa Fuseini revealed that the flogging and demands are meant to deter others from doing the same. He vowed any other indecent activity from people in the metropolis will be dealt with in a similar manner from now onwards.

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Our intention is to prevent these behaviors among young people in the city. We are going to continue with this action and any videos that we see and we think that it is not healthy for public consumption, we will look for such persons and punish them severely,” Naa Bawa Fuseini, the Dakpema of Tamale said



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