German-based Ghanaian rapper , Tjay found dead (video)


The death of Bremen-based rapper Tjay, has shocked and shaken the German rap scene today!

According to reports, the rapper who was born to Ghanaian parents, was found dead – the precise cause of death is not yet known. Also known as Thompson Jnr, he had his lucky break two years ago.

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With his song “Uh Na Na” from the year 2017 Tjay has collected more than a million clicks on YouTube. Most recently, he even made a joint track with Moe Phoenix – the track “Abu Dhabi”.

On Instagram there are already some artists saying goodbye to their beloved colleague! He was the CEO and member of the 28 Muzik label.

His last message on Instagram translate: “Do you want to know the secret of happiness? Be always content with what fate grants you; never be satisfied with what you do.”

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