Top Kenyan pastor James Ng’ang’a brags how he buys cars like shoes


Controversial Kenyan preacher James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Ministries has claimed he is rich enough to buy vehicles at will.

Ng’ang’a who was preaching to a congregation in his church said he was the best and most blessed preacher in the country with the ability to buy vehicles and exchange them like pairs of shoes.

In a video clip that surfaced on Tuesday, August 20, the boastful preacher dismissed claims he was using his position as a church leader to swindle the congregation and amass wealth.

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I buy vehicles like shoes, I buy vehicles when I want and don’t tell it is because of the church. If that is the case you can go and open yours too. Do all pastors buy vehicles that way? Those are blessings from God,” he told his congregation.

Ng’ang’a said the fact that he is the most talked about preacher in the country is testimony he is the best evangelist.

He left his followers giggling after claiming he was also the most handsome man of God and people have openly expressed that to him.

They talk negative things about me and I am not bothered because it gives me publicity. Some meet me and say ooh this is the famous Ng’ang’a, he is such a handsome guy,” he said amid cheers

The preacher told his congregation God had risen him from a prisoner to a powerful preacher in the country with a huge following.

I was released from prison in 1992 and I was given a mkokoteni (hand cart) which I used to carry luggage for people as I preached. I was later gifted a bicycle which I used to move from one point to another preaching the gospel,” recalled Ng’ang’a.

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He also disclosed he used to sell newspapers to generate income for his upkeep and preaching activities.

The Neno Evangelism preacher said he was gifted the first car by one of his church members who later took it back after he had just repaired and re-branded it.

Watch the video below :

Ng’ang’a told the church he bought his own car later on by making a mere deposit of KSh 10, 000 out of the agreed price of KSh 380, 000.

Since then, the preacher claimed God has been faithful to him and he can now afford to buy vehicles at will.

The pastor was also on the spot for publicly telling off senior leaders in his church whom he refereed to as “rubbish” and “arrogant” for allegedly disrespecting his wife.

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