Lady allegedly runs mad after alighting from Mercedes Benz G-Wagon (video)


Strange things are happening on a daily basis and one tends to look at the world as a wicked place filled with people who are evil.

A video is currently circulating on social media showing a young lady who was reportedly said to have gone bonkers after alighting from a Mercedez Benz G-wagon at Millennium Plaza around Roselife bar in Anambra State’s capital, Awka, Nigerian.

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In the video, She could be seen walking around confused and in disarray as she finally laid down on the ground, dragging herself across it.

Cars had passed her by as she lay down in the middle of the street without a care for her safety.

According to report, the man whom she was last seen with was the same she hung out with on Monday afternoon, before dropping her off.

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The man was said to have zoomed off immediately he dropped her.

Watch the video below:


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