Update: Dead Ghanaian USA Army man had been convicted of rapɛ in court-martial


The sad news currently trending on social media is the story of a Ghanaian soldier working with the US army who allegedly committed suicide after catching his wife in bɛd with another man.

The 29-year old deceased identified as Prince Yeboah Wiredu allegedly committed suicidɛ on September 11, 2019 after he saw the unbelievable spectacle.


Video of how the Ghanaian US Army man killed himself  after he caught his wife in bed With another Man pop up

However, there is a new twist to the whole issue.

Sources claim that the US army officer was accused of rape by three different women, leading to him being court-martialled by the U.S Navy.

Although Prince Yeboah Wiredu denied and pleaded not guilty to the charges, he was convicted of sɛxual assault violation by a panel of members with enlisted representation sitting as a general court-martial.

The panel dismissed two of the charges for lack of enough evidence but upheld some of them and furnished the authorities with their recommendations.


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From the ruling, the court-martial sentenced Prince Yeboah Wiredu to 12 months confinement. reduction to pay grade E-1, total forfeitures for 12 months and a dishonorable discharge. Court-Martial also recommended him for civilian prosecution.

This according to some people traumatised the young army officer to kill himself, but not because he caught his wife in bed with another man.

Dealing with a cheating wife whiles dealing with the rape charges and court-martial recommendations seems to have pushed him over mentally.

Read the full court-martial report below (SWIP RIGHT TO CONTINUE READING)


However, there’s no confirmation on what really caused his suicidɛ. Stay with us for more gists..


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