Kanye West holds first church service on the streets weeks after getting saved


Popular American rapper Kanye West has touched hearts after deciding to preach the word of God on the streets.

The father of four knelt down in humility and prayed while holding on to a microphone as the curious crowd watched.

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In a video shared on Instagram, the singer was spotted spreading the gospel with so much vigour as he pleaded with people to turn to God.

First he asked God to show him how to love, forgive and pray.

Show my people the way, show us how to love, how to give and how to pray,” he sang in hope.

The crowd nodded as they listened keenly to the wise words of the renowned musician.

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Ever since Kanye dipped his toes into Christianity, the musician has held numerous services in his backyard.

The services always feature a choir, a preacher, a congregation and mind blowing sermons.

Not too long ago, his wife Kim Kardashian admitted the singer had turned a new leaf and decided to surrender his life to Jesus Christ.