Kuami Eugene exposed after bluffing in video that his shoe costs GHC3,800


Award-winning musician Kuami Eugene has landed himself in trouble after bluffing about how expensive his sneaker was.

According to the ‘Angela’ hitmaker, he bought the Zara sneakers for a whopping amount of GHC3,800.

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In a video that has been sighted on social media , Kuami claimed his sneaker was expensive but got exposed by social media users.

After blogger Nkonkonsa asked the price of his sneakers, Kuami Eugene said: “oh it is Zara, I bought it I think $700 dollars.”

However, fans and social media users claimed Kuami Eugene told a lie as they took to the comment section jab him:

@kobbydanso87 slammed Kuami Eugene: “700 wat? Comot fr der….. de highest Zara footwear wnt b up to 100 dollars mpo.

@papajaymhensah mentioned the price he bought the same sneakers: “Heeerh i have the same zara shoe, i bought it 45chf which is 45$ or so sia.. why u dey lie.”

@kli.ffff had this to say: “I like your shoe but I have the original this 60$ shoe with free shipping.. ah This boy paa.”

Meanwhile, Kuami Eugene made a U-turn in the comment section, admitting that he lied about the price of his sneakers.

He wrote “I lie U Konkonsah I buy the thing like $1 . Matrikiwo ,” revealing that he may have been joking.