Pope Francis apologizes for slapping woman’s hand on New Year’s Eve [ Video]


Pope Francis has apologized after he slapped the hand of a woman to free himself from her grip on New Year’s Eve.

The video of Francis slapping his way free from the clutches of the admirer was an instant hit on social media.

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The religious leader delivered his apology during his new year sermon after the video of him slapping the lady’s hand had gone viral


In the video, an unidentified woman abruptly grabbing Francis’ hand from behind a barrier and yanking him towards her just after he reached out to greet a child during a visit to the Vatican’s nativity scene on Tuesday night.

It seemed like the woman would not release Francis’ hand, so the pontiff slapped her hand before pull his free. Frowning in anger, he turned and strode away.

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In his address on Wednesday morning in a packed St. Peter’s Square, the pontiff confessed to losing his patience with the woman.

“We lose patience many times. It happens to me many times. I apologize for the bad example given yesterday”. he said

Women are sources of life. Yet they are continually insulted, beaten, raped, forced to prostitute themselves and to suppress the life they bear in the womb,”

“Every form of violence inflicted upon a woman is a blasphemy against God, who was born of a woman.” he added

Watch video of the incident below :

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