Man releases pre-wedding photo with his bride’s face blurred


A pre-wedding photo released on Facebook is currently making rounds on social media after it caught the attention of many on the platform. The photo showed the bride and groom but something strange was also featured on it.

In the pre-wedding photo shared by the groom-to-be, Rabiu Biyora, the bride’s face was blurred.

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This caught the attention of many who were left confused. Biyora had released the pre-wedding photo with


From the invitation, the wedding had taken place on the first Sunday of the year. It took place on Sunday, January 5, in Yola. The invite also identified Biyora’s wife as Fateema Mansur Sani.

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Looking through his old photos, it was seen that Biyora had posted another photo of his wife’s face blurred.

Screenshot 20200106 092609

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