Kwahu township total lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


Looking at the rapid increase in the coronavirus cases recorded in the country, the chief and elders of Kwahu community declared a lockdown on all people of the land to stay at the place of their abode until further notice.

According to the Chiefs, Kwahu has oelderly people living there and therefore if these natives come from places where they reside, they could cause an outbreak of the Coronavirus which will wipe out the people of the town leaving innocent children fatherless and motherless.

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The statement by the chiefs warned the people staying in the town are prohibited from going out of the town to minimize the spread of the coronavirus in the country as well.

The statement revealed that all social gatherings during this period should pause until further notice.

See the screenshot below:

In the morning of 26th March 2020, a total of ninety-three(93) cases confirmed has increased to one hundred and thirty-two(132) which is shaking the entire nation.

The people of Kwahu do not want to wait till they get infected before taking preventive measures. The earlier the better.