Coronavirus drone’ developed to identify infected people in large crowds.


A drone, which can detect heart and respiratory rates, has been developed to identify Coronavirus infected people in crowds.

The drone device will fish out people sneezing and coughing in large gatherings – and is expected to be available in six months.

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The University of South Australia, which has developed the drone , is working with drone technology company Draganfly Inc.

It will assist to detect people with the Coronavirus in offices, airports, ships,old people’s homes, funerals, churches and other large gatherings.

The inventors are using algorithms to detect temperature ,coughing and sneezing movements at their laboratory in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Professor Javaan Chahl, who is the team leader said: “We see a need for its use immediately, to help save lives in the biggest health catastrophe the world has experienced in the past 100 years.

“It might not detect all cases, but it could be a reliable tool to detect the presence of the disease in a place or in a group of people.”

The drone can detect human actions such as sneezing and coughing, according to the researchers.

The drone has been developed due to the daily increase in death toll the deadly coronavirus has brought globaly.

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