Money is everything when you don’t have it – Medikal


No matter how romantically anyone puts it – end of the day – everyone on this planet and I mean every single person on this planet works, lives and exists for earning money. 

If you have loads of it – your life gets better. And if you do not have it – your life is absolutely useless. So, is life all about money?

Arab Money Gang signee, AMG Medikal believes money is everything if one doesn’t have it.

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But in the rightful thinking of AMG Medikal, the cliché, “money is everything” applies to those who don’t have it. Medikal made that disclosure on his Twitter handle perhaps after thinking of his past suffering.

As it stands now, he is one of the richest musicians currently in Ghana. He now sees money as nothing after years of working hard to double up his bank account figures.

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