Ghana is still under slavery-Yvonne Nelson


Ghanaian movie icon Yvonne Nelson has taken to her social media to deliberate on why Ghana is still under slavery although the country gained independence from the Whites.

Yvonne Nelson who has been recently vocal on political issues opined that current government and previous governments have failed in their ways as Ghana is still being controlled by the Whites.

According to the mother of one, Ghana spends millions of cash in celebrating independence every 6th of March but the country is still under slavery.

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Yvonne Nelson indicated that the country is still under the country of the whites as “we can’t think for ourselves”

Our ways! So called ways have failed us! Cant we see? How do we still spend millions on independence celebrations when we are still slaves! We control nothing! They are still controlling us! We cant think for ourselves!”

Check tweet below :  

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