Eleven children of a couple tests positive.


An total Spanish family including eleven children have been infected by the deadly Coronavirus.

The Cebrian Gervas family members from Valladolid in north-west Spain have all been forced to go under strict isolation in their home after every single one of them have been infected with the virus.

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Mother, Irene Gervas was the first family to test positive for COVID-19, before her husband, Jose Maria Cebrian and their eleven children, Carmen (15), Fernando (14), Luiz (12), Juan Pablo (11), twins Miguel and Manuel (10), Alvaro (8), Irene (5), Alicia (4), Helena (3), and Jose Maria (1) were all infected with the disease.

Father Jose Maria Cebrian told local media: ‘The children fell one by one. Some of them got over it better and some of them a bit worse. As the virus takes five or six days to show up when you feel bad you start to recall and then you think ‘ok!”

“In our case, they (the children) are sick one day, they have a headache, they vomit and after vomiting, they feel better. The day after they don’t even remember.”

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After being infected, the family is under a strict lockdown so that they do not infect others due to the high number of family members in the same apartment.

Cebrian added: “The doctor told us that we will have to stay at least two more weeks on an absolute lockdown because of the viral load that we have. If we go out and take it out we could start a source in Valladolid.”

According to him, their son is only permitted to go out to the pharmacy so long as he puts on a face mask and gloves.

Cebrian also said: “He is the only one who goes out a bit. I take out the rubbish and he is the messenger. When we get our groceries delivered they leave it in the garage and my son goes down to pick it up.”

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The children are schooling while at home using laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Jose Maria said: “It is important they do not have the feeling that this is chaos, so they have classes from Monday to Friday.”

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