A Ghanaian young man turns drum into solar-powered basin for washing hands.


A young man in Ghana has come out with an wonderful invention that makes water and soap to flow automatically for hand-washing in the fight against coronavirus.

The invention was made with a normal metallic drum that was fitted with a sink, sensors and cables that connect to the solar panel on top.

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Once someone places the hand under the tap, the sensor sends an information to the soap to be oozed out on the person’s hand and the system is programmed to allow 25 seconds for the person to wash the hands well before rinsing begins.

Watch the video below:

Health professionals have indicated that one of the best ways to prevent oneself from being infected by the coronavirus is to constantly wash one’s hands or use hand sanitiser.

Since this observation was revealed, people have been finding ways that taps can be used by many people without holding any part of the water system.

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There have been many inventions but it looks like this particular innovation by the Ghanaian is probably the best as it uses solar panel and is completely well programmed.

Meanwhile, another young Ghanaian man came out with an invention to help fight the coronavirus pandemic through effective hand-washing.

This particular invention employs a low-voltage device that can be fitted on any kind of bucket or container and allows water to flow on its own once a hand is put under the tap.

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Abu Dhabi is working hard to rid the country of coronavirus as they introduced an amazing gateway at bus stations that disinfect people as they pass through it.

The technology has been installed at Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station so the spread of the virus could be contained.

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