Counsellor Lutterodt storms cemetery to pray against coronavirus, (Video)


Controversial counsellor,George Lutterodt has launched a spiritual battle against Coronavirus in a latest video.

According to the video, the contagious counsellor visited the cemetery to offer a prayer to God against the pandemic claiming its God’s direction.

As directed by God to him, he was to enter the gates of the cemetery and start the prayers by 12 noon.

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Because during such times there are arrows from the high places that move around and he was instructed by God to turn it and use it against the turners of the arrow who are spreading the virus in the spiritual realms and declare back to the sender with prayer.

He took along with him to the cemetery a bottle of; Holy wine, anointing oil and water to break the bondage and break lose anyone who may have their souls tied to the grave and also release the supernatural powers through his prayers to fight against the coronavirus outbreak in Ghana and the whole world at large.

Watch video below : 

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