I want a Man to get me pregnant and leave – Kenyan Singer Akothee cries out


Kenya songstress Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has cried out on social media over the crisis she is going through internally due to the Coronavirus lockdown in the country.

Kenyan philanthropist, songwriter, dancer who is a mother of one has announced that she wants a man to get her pregnant because she has missed the experience of carrying a baby in her womb.

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Being a rich kid doesn't guarantee you future success if you can't put work, dedication and discipline to your daily life ! Yes , your parents hard earned sweat , can be your inheritance💪 but are you able to sustain or double the wealth? If Yes ,start now. What you do today ,is a reflection of what you will become tommorow, if you brag and spend today, you will lament/ blame and become a beggar tommorow 🙏🏾 introducing yourself with your gone parents names ( you remember Akothee the musician?) I am her daughter / Son ) my friend ,that name will be irrelevant when I am nolonger relevant # THINK WORK ON YOURSELF SUCCESS CAN NEVER BE INHERITED ITS EARNED 💪💪 #PositiveMonday 🙏🏾🙏🏾

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The founder and CEO of Akothee Safaris said, the lockdown has left her bored as it has halted every business move she intends to make with her music ans she sees it not ending any time from now hence keeping her busy with a baby is the best.

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However, she noted that the man who is interested in impregnating her will be given the chance to do so on one condition, that she hits and run.

Akothee posted a photo of a breastfeeding baby and wrote;

“I just want to get pregnant right now, Uwii my ovaries, I miss this feeling, because I can’t see myself traveling or performing anywhere any soon with this Corona.”

“Can someone come to make me pregnant (sic) then go Sorry you can’t stick around, I don’t want stress,”

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