Release evidence that Obour’s father died of COVID-19? – A Plus Challenges Hospital


Musician and politician Kwame Asare Obeng also known as A Plus was confused why after several weeks of the death of the father of Bice Osei Kuffuor( Obour), the Ridge Hospital is unable to release the autopsy report to prove that he had indeed died of COVID-19 as the hospital had alleged.

Bice Osei’s father passed on last month due to complications from COVID-19. Obour the musician had been backlashed for his inability to disclose his father’s coronavirus status after his return from abroad.

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But Obour denied the allegations that he did not reveal vital information about the travel history of his father, insisting that his father did not die of COVID-19.

According to A Plus, the Hospital has refused to release the autopsy report to confirm that Obour’s father had indeed died of the virus even after repeated requests from the family.

“You insulted Obour on this same page when the issue came up but you are not asking why after multiple requests by the family, Ridge Hospital has failed to issue them the man’s autopsy report. You have failed to tell us why Ridge Hospital as an institution failed to release a statement to counter Obours claims,” A Plus wrote.

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According to A Plus, even though he is not in support Obour’s parliamentary bid because he believes he will be a good Member of Parliament, he stands by him on the matter of the apparently false claim that his father died of COVID-19.

“I will support obour when he is treated badly irrespective of my personal reservation. All those who insulted him must apologize to him. I don’t deal with people. I deal with the issue at stake. I don’t hate. I don’t look at issues based on my relationship with the parties involved,” he pointed out.

He insists thst “Joy News must apologize to Obour. To all those who insulted Obour, it won’t hurt a fly if you come back here and say sorry in a comment.”

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Obour has served as President of the Musicians Union of Ghana ( Musigha). His tenure, according to A Plus, was the worst in the history of the union, hence his( A Plus) conclusion that Obour will not make a good Member of Parliament.

“Listen carefully. Obour is my friend but I don’t support his parliamentary bid. He won’t be a good parliamentarian. He is not transparent. Obour was running Musigha as if he invented the piano (One man show). In my opinion, I think he is the worse Musigha president we have ever had. As a young guy, his failure at MUSIGA has destroyed the chances of young people who will want to lead the union in future. If you can’t paint and clear weed at MUSIGA headquarters, what can you do for a whole constituency? He bemoaned.

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