There are 2 Types of Coronavirus in the World – Prophet TB Joshua Reveals


General Overseer and Founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet TB Joshua, has revealed that there are 2 types of coronavirus in the world killing people everyday due to the severity of it.

According to the prophet the 2 types of the ravaging virus, is the normal coronavirus which has been globally accepted to have cough, fever, headache etc, as it major symptoms but the deadliest is the other which the masses have refused to talk about.

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“I encourage you to develop your relationship with the Holy Spirit by reading your Bible daily without grudges, without unforgiveness, without bitterness – I mean, with a free spirit. If the Word of God dominates your mouth, it will dominate your heart. If the Word of God dominates your heart, it will influence your conduct and behaviour. This Bible is about what God has to say to you. No state of being is as rewarding as living in tune with God. 1. Get His ideas 2. Work with His projects 3. See life as He sees it 4. Discover whom you are and your real value 5. See yourself as God sees you 6. Get interested in His plans 7. Get God’s opinion of yourself and of others The more you meditate on what you read with forgiveness, the more familiar you will become with His voice. Embrace the Word of God as the effective instrument for change. If you need peace, the Holy Spirit uses the Word of God to bring peace into our hearts.” #TBJoshua #GodsWord #Bible #Encouragement #Inspiration #Sermon #Church #BibleReading #Christianity #SCOAN #EmmanuelTV #LetLoveLead #AllAboutJesus

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Prophet T.B Joshua also said, suicide, murder, divorce and change of temperament is the second coronavirus in the world which needs to be eradicated as well.

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However, he advised Nigerians to change their approach to things, pay less attention and stop promoting the virus, as that is the only sure way to win the fight against the it

The prophet again advised family members and the youths to cut their coats according to their sizes i.e, stop overspending and doing things which are beyond them and prepare, for what is coming is unimaginable.

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“I believe that one of the greatest gifts God has given us is the freedom to make decisions. We can choose to walk away from wrong opportunities. All of us who have fallen made a decision. All of us who have not fallen faced similar temptations but made a different decision. Remember, the Scriptures tell us that Christians can make bad mistakes too. The difference is that they already have a relationship with God and should understand that they can immediately go to God about their behaviour. He will help us get back on our feet, forgive us and help us not make the same decision again. When you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, you change and become a man who is directed by your Heavenly Father, not by the influence from others (John 1:12-13).” #TBJoshua #GodsWord #DailyDevotional #Sin #Forgiveness #Christianity #GodIsGood #LetLoveLead #SCOAN #EmmanuelTV #AllAboutJesus

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“Let us discuss the fruit of COVID-19 that it appears the world is yet to notice. First, let’s take note that there are two COVID-19s,” he said during his live service on Sunday.

“In the first, those who tested positive to the virus have symptoms such as a cough, fever, headache, difficulty in breathing, loss of smell, etc.

“The deadlier COVID-19 is the one most people are not talking about but some of us may have seen or heard about. This is hardly mentioned – suicide, murder, divorce, a change in temperament – yet, it is the result of COVID-19.

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“Many are saying, ‘I cannot eat what I want to eat. I cannot go where I want to go. I have lost my job. They are disturbing me because of debt’. This is as a result of COVID-19.

Throat pain, cough, fever are symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, so also, this is a virus! We keep talking about one side of COVID-19; we don’t talk about the other side, which has no drug prescribed for it and is a lot deadlier.

“How do we overcome COVID-19? We can only overcome COVID-19 by changing our approach. Attention is promotion. Whatever we promote grows.

“Viewers, begin to talk less of your sickness, your situation, your pain! Talk less of demons – I mean, satan.

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“Talk less of what you see as an enemy – don’t give them attention! The more attention you give them, the more power, honour you unknowingly bestow upon them.

Talk less of your opposition and talk more of your Comforter! Talk less of your battles and talk more of the One who is fighting for you! Talk less of your warfare and talk more of the promise of victory!

“The way we talk about COVID-19 promotes it, seems to give so much recognition to it.

“If you are not talking about something, it does not mean the thing does not exist.

“Viewers, many of us are in this situation now. A lot of people have developed depression, anxiety, anger, irritation, addiction to smoking, drinking, excessive eating, they are always on their phones, watching ungodly acts — things that were not there before COVID-19.

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“Yet, our attention is only on the known COVID-19, which causes coughing, fever, breathing problems, etc. This is the noise everywhere today.

“The main one that is causing our economy to run dry, causing depression in our social life, as well as divorce and suicide — that particular COVID-19 is not known.

“Man can only treat what we can see, not what we cannot see. Doctors treat; God cures. Viewers, take care of yourself. We are fighting the spirit beings that cause tension, pressure and anxiety. That is the major war now, since the battle of depression and isolation is not of drugs but spiritual.”

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