You can never unmake me – Archbishop Duncan-Williams tells detractors [Video]


The Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International (ACI) ministry, has indicated that his accusers who wish for his downfall so they can make progress will not succeed because the day for his downfall will never come, continuing that those detractors are not the cause of his greatness and therefore, cannot be the reason for his downfall.

If you are waiting for something to go wrong with me in order for you to become relevant, you’re wasting your time; because that day will never come.

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You did not make me and you cannot unmake me. So wishing me ill and wishing and getting into cliques for something bad to happen to me[ won’t materialise]…” He said.

His statement has been much lauded by many who believe that the tendency to not wish others well in the country is high.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams is one of the foremost Charismatic pioneers in the country, who is much respected for his pioneering and intercessory roles.

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In March this year, he stated that doom prophets including family members who are wishing for his premature death will take the lead and die before him and adding that he is going to be around for a long time.

By the time I am ready to go, all my enemies would have died. And those in my family who are waiting for my funeral by the time I am ready to go all of them would have died. I would have buried them all. By the time I am ready to go there would be nobody, no Abusua Panyin, I would have checked out in my own way and own style”, he said while preaching in a live sermon.

He wondered why people will be waiting for others to die asking “Why are you waiting for me to die? The fact that you are waiting for me to go, you will go before me. I push into that pit you have dug for me. You will fall into that very pit. It looks like some people all they do is they are waiting for somebody to die so they can drink palm wine. You will drink water” he added.

Watch the video below:

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