The secret wife of a Roman Catholic Father storms his funeral grounds with his 9 children


Hmmmm, ‘wonders’ they say shall never end. A Roman Catholic Priest by name Oti Boateng in the Ashanti Region of Ghana has set an unbeatable record.

Father Oti Boateng was the Roman Father at Jamasi-Yonso. He is gone to be with the Lord not long ago and his funeral service has been held at the town of Jamasi-Yonso.

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To the surprise of mourners wailing and crying at the funeral grounds of the reverend Father Oti Boateng, a woman appeared at the funeral grounds saying she is the wife of Father Oti Boateng.

To shock mourners and the family of the demised the more, the mysterious wife of Father Oti came to the funeral grounds with 9 solid children claiming they are the biological children of Reverend Father Oti Boateng.

Looking at the fact that it’s a rule that catholic priests are not supposed to marry let alone father children, this threw the mourners into a state of confusion and dismay.

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To back up her claims, she came with different photographs of herself and Father Oti Boateng together with their children having fun. She knew people will definitely doubt her so she was smart enough to come to the funeral ground with concrete evidence.

The Catholic leaders from the Diocese who were at the funeral grounds were taken aback and astonished but with boldness disclosed that they had no knowledge of what the woman is claiming.

However, they will meet with the late priest’s family to investigate the claims and make sure the right thing is done for the woman and her children if the claims are found to be true.

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