Speed Darlington and Nadia Buari caresses lustfully in a hot video (watch)


Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari and Nigerian musician Speed Darlington have been spotted caressing on tape.

The two were caught holding and looking at each other lovingly in the video which has since been circulating on social media.

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However, the video seems to be a location video for an upcoming project.

Speed Darlington could clearly not let go of the actress as he raised her up and let out a deep groan.

Nadia’s first appearance on Ghanaian national television was with the TV series “People Play”. “Mummy’s Daughter” was her first major movie, she also starred in Beyonce;The President’s Daughter. She became more popular for her role in Beyonce.

She has since starred in over 20 movies and still counting. In the year 2013, she did her own movie titled The Diary of Imogene Brown.

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Darlington is a versatile and talented artist. He began as a dancer in Queen Achakpo, in the 1990’s and as declared by him, his music career was made possible by veterans likes Queen Achakpo, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson and 2Pac.
He included the likes of Energy god, Scorpion king and irregular speedometer.

Watch the video below;