Ijele blast Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko, warns other celebrities [Watch]


Ijele , a social media personality has attacked Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko over the kind of lifestyle she exhibits on social media.

He made a video, showed where the actress was dancing seductively and hitting her backside.

However, Ijele warned her to be weary of the kind of things she does considering the fact that she’s a role model to many young ladies out there.

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Also, Ijele advised other Nigerian celebrities to show good examples because they are sort of lights to the younger generation.

The truth is, some Nigerian celebrities have lot it. I don’t know if its fame or money that changed them negatively. Being a celebrity does not mean one shouldn’t live a decent life, but it is an avenue to teach and impact good morals to the younger generations.

I have watched closely and I found out that older celebrities (the ones that have being there over 2 to 3 decades) live quiet and decent lives. They hardly display any form of immoral or indecent lifestyle. But when you see or hear about a controversial celebrity, check very, you will see its a younger person. I don’t understand why these younger celebrities in Nigeria keep being controversial and always in the news. Are they doing so in order to be more famous or what? I still cannot get it.

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Watch video below;

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