I killed my best friend because he snatched my girlfriend – Arrested Cultist


An occult member who was apprehended by the police in the Oworonshoki area of Lagos State, has confessed to the police how he pulled life out from his best friend because he snatched his girlfriend from him.

The suspect, Fatai Babafemi, who was policed following a cult clash in the area recently, confessed to the police that he had to kill his friend, Bayo, after he snatched his girlfriend.

Fatai said he and Bayo were in the same cult before the deceased left to join a rival gang, following a falling out with their leader, and to get back at him, he went after his girlfriend who bore him a child.

Fatai added that he had sent people to warn Bayo to stay away from his girlfriend, and had even confronted him on several occasions, but that Bayo told him to do his worst.


So when there was a clash between the two rival gangs, Fatai had only one thing in mind: to get down Bayo. And he succeeded in killing his best friend.

“Yes, Bayo was once my best friend, but he messed up by snatching my girlfriend who has a two-year-old daughter for me. We grew up in the same Oworonshoki, and we were very close that people thought we were brothers.

We joined the cult on the same day and we did a lot of things together. He knew what I can do and I also know what he can do.

But he took me for granted when I told him to stay away from my girlfriend. This is a girl Bayo knew very well that she was my girlfriend and that she had a child for me.

But when he had a fight with our leader, he decided to leave our group and join a rival group.

From that time, he was a marked man as we vowed to kill him. I even went to him to plead with him to come back to the group, but he refused and warned me never to talk to him again.

We became enemies after that and we always fought whenever our paths crossed. Then I started hearing that he was sleeping with my girlfriend. I knew he did that to hurt me. I did not believe when some people told me that Bayo was sleeping with my girlfriend.

I went to confront him and he said to my face that he was actually sleeping with her and said I should do my worst. That day, I did not want to fight with him because he had members of his new cult with him.

I went to my girlfriend’s house and asked her if she was seeing Bayo, but she denied and out of anger, I beat her up. I was surprised when Bayo came to my house the next morning to fight me for beating my girlfriend. He said he was going to eliminate me.

That was when I made up my mind that I will get him first before he gets me. You know in the cult system, it’s either you kill or you are killed.

My opportunity came when we had a clash with his group in Oworo after they killed one of our members.

I knew it was either Bayo or me, so I went to his house very early that morning, sneaked into his room and was shocked when I met him on the bed with my girlfriend.

I did not waste time as I brought out my gun and shot at him. He did not die immediately because of the charms he had on him, so I used the machete I had with me and cut him to pieces.

I could have killed my cheating girlfriend but because of the love I have for her and our child. I dragged her to my house and warned her never to tell anyone what she saw or I would kill her.

But I am sure she was the one who told people that I was the one who killed Bayo which led to my arrest.

Bayo deserved to die for messing around with my girlfriend. He knew that she had a child for me but he still slept with her. I don’t care if I am killed or sent to prison. I did what I had to do.” He concluded.